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“Incredible, I was so impressed” 

"The Masterclass I attended was incredible - the attendees were selected perfectly. I was so impressed by how aligned the group felt to me from Day 1 (both in experience and in personality). The Masterclass agenda schedule was thoughtful and progressed meaningfully so that the discussion was always relevant and compounding. Such a great experience!"


Analytics & Data

Science Manager

“I loved it right from the first session” 

"I loved it right from the first session. I liked that it wasn't sponsored, no one tried to sell us anything. I've never been in

a series like this where I wanted the sessions to be longer! Wonderful opportunity to meet and chat with other leaders in data science across industries. Hearing how some have approached common challenges was inspirational."


Director of

Advanced Analytics

“Fantastic experience, extremely insightful” 

"Fantastic experience, the Masterclass was phenomenal. Interacting with folks from other industries helped me look beyond Pharma and leverage management learnings from various sectors. Also, interacting with folks both in and outside the FTSE100 ecosystem rekindled my entrepreneurial spirit.

It was highly productive, extremely insightful, and fun.

I’d do it again!"


Director of

Business Engagement

“It was extraordinary” 

“It was extraordinary. Meaningful conversations with colleagues in different industries and health care were hugely valuable.

We share the challenge of delivering mean-ingful insights. There was a lot of time dedicated to facilitating the sharing of experiences, including successes and learnings. An amazing experience and much more than just getting to know

others in the field.”


Vice President,

Chief Data Analytics Officer

“There are no sponsors, here I felt free” 

"There are no sponsors, here I felt free. Nobody had an agenda, except to learn from everybody. I would recommend it to any data leader. The Data Storytellers makes a point to under-

stand what your issues are and involve you with like-minded professionals. They promote open and honest dialogue to

help you enhance and promote your data strategy."


Director of Data

& Analytics

“Really enjoyed it, broadened my horizons” 

"I really enjoyed it. There wasn't a single topic I didn't relate to. It broadened my horizons, listening to companies with different levels of maturity and business models. Really great connect-ions with other leaders in my space across a wide range of companies, good forum for exchanging

ideas and challenges!"


Senior Director 

of Data Science

Section 2

“Loved the materials and engagement” 

“Great program, useful content. Loved the materials and the engagement of all participants. Knowledgeable moderators and thought-provoking content. Good job!” 


Senior Director

of Global Data and Analytics

“I learned a lot, very worthwhile” 

“Very enjoyable sessions! I learned a lot speaking with peers across industries, learning about common challenges and how people solved them. Very worthwhile.”


Senior Director

of Analytics

“Great way to network, excellent job” 

“Thought-provoking and great way to expand your network. I enjoyed attending the Leading Business Change with Analytics Masterclass offered by The Data Storytellers. They did an excellent job of organizing the sessions to keep attendees engaged and connected.I made several connections and look forward to building on these relationships going forward.” 

“One story you can’t miss” 

“The Data Storytellers made me feel like they were catering everything in this course to just me. I highly recommend this to anyone in the data & analytics space. Fantastic to network with like-minded individuals and the-rapeutically co-vent about similar struggles we face, and most importantly how to over-come these obstacles to drive the field of data & analytics forward.

One story you can't miss!"


VP of Global DTC

Product Analytics & Insights


Director of Data

and Analytics Solutions

“Got some great ideas” 

"Gathered some great ideas! I got to meet, talk and share ideas with peers who are experiencing similar challenges. I could get some great ideas to try and test in our org-anization. I really liked regular reminders and communications from the hosts, it helped me to be prepared for every session."

“Good content, leadership & participation” 

"Good content, leadership & participation. The Data Storytellers did a great job of bringing data leaders together from various companies and industries, part-nering us together and learning from one another. It was nice to hear stories, ideas and solutions from the guest videos and from the other participants.

The content was very good."


Vice President

of Analytics


Exec. VP of Digital Technology

& Business Transformation

Section 3

“I found value in improving my storytelling skills” 

"In the Masterclass, I gained a better understanding of the functional side of data and the challenges others face. I found value in improving my storytelling skills with data, knowing the importance of engaging my audience. The experience helped me recognize areas for personal growth and development."

“Great way to meet fellow leaders” 

"Data storytelling is what allows analytics to do stuff. The name alone resonated because that's something we've always been doing here at CVS. The discus-sions with peers across the industry stood out to me. It's a great way to meet fellow Data Science leaders and gain a perspective that allows you to

look around the corner."


Senior Manager of

Data & Analytics


Executive Director

of Data Science

“Very worth the time and investment” 

"I was pleasantly surprised by the Masterclass. What I thought was going to be just data storytelling turned-out to be a much deeper engagement around data and analytics strategy, esp-ecially as it pertains to organizational adoption and investment. Discussion ses-sions with a cross-industry peers drove home the key priorities for strategic and cultural change. Very worth the time and investment!"

“Great experience, rare opportunity” 

"The Masterclass was a great experience. It was a rare oppor-tunity to speak with true peers and benchmark and learn together. It was well worth the time invested. I also thought the program was well-organized and executed, and the content was helpful."



Vice President of

Business Insights & Analytics

Vice President

of Analytics

“Exceeded my expectations” 

“Worthwhile investment for all data leaders. The masterclass exce-eded my expectations. A good balance of case studies, group discussion, and 1:1 action planning. Hearing the exper-iences and ideas of others in similar roles and functions across many industries helped spark new ideas that I will be imple-menting in my current role & organization.” 

“It was fascinating” 

“Great Data & Analytics connect-ions. Appreciated the ability

to connect with other Data & Analytics leaders to hear their challenges and strategies. It was fascinating to see how the same challenges cross multiple industries and how

people overcame them.”


Senior Director of

Business Insights & Analytics


Director of Enterprise

Data Management

“This is a game changer” 

“This is a game changer. I have learned so much interacting

with my peers from different companies. The Masterclass

has made me a better leader and strategist.”


Director of Data

Science & Analytics

"An Exceptional Experience"

“My experience from start to finish was nothing short of excep-tional, and I would highly recommend this platform to anyone in the data and analytics industry. I wholeheartedly recommend the Data Storytellers, as it is a brilliant example of quality content and expert conversation in the field of data and analytics.

Thank you for the amazing experience!”


Global Director 

of Analytics



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